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Krosmaster: Arena - Quest Core Board Game

Contents: Krosmaster Quest is a tactical adventure game for 2 to 6 players. Take control of a Krosmaster and develop them in a modular world where each adventure is different! Slay monsters, win money, choose your allies and enemies, increase your power, and prove to the Demon that you are the rightful king of the Krosmoz.

Krosmaster Quest comes with 7 beautiful, pre-painted figures that can be used with previously released Krosmaster games. Two figures are exclusive to Quest! Players can expand their hero selection by bringing in the figures from previous releases as well, making Quest a highly expandable and customizable experience.

The heart of Krosmaster Quest lies in the Scenarios that guide players along in the game, allowing them to build up their Krosmasters through unique adventures with repeatable quests. Scenarios will dictate how the game board is set up, the mobs players will be fighting and the goals everyone is working towards. Before the scenario begins, players will choose a Krosmaster and assign who will play the Demon Player – the person tasked with stopping the heroes from completing their missions. Or you can opt to Demon Share, so players take turns playing the Demon.

There are two types of Scenarios to choose from: Free-For-All and Cooperative. Free-For-All pits all players against each other as they try to complete their quest. You can form temporary alliances to help overcome challenges the Demon throws your way, but remember, only one Krosmaster walks away the victor.

Cooperative mode unites all players against the common goal of defeating the Demon and completing the quest together. You will all lose or win as one. In this mode, the Demon has more power, but if you’re working as a team, you’ll have a chance.

For 2-6 Players
120-180 minute playing time
Ages 12 and up
Price:  $45.00   
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Krosmaster: Arena - Quest Core Board Game
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