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LOTR Ages End 6ct Display Box

Contents: 6 40-Card foil Sets per box,
40 Fixed limited edition rare foil cards per set,
Collector's list.

In a celebration of the players of this wonderful game, New Line Cinema and The Saul Zaentz Company have authorized a special commemorative Limited Edition, all-foil, 40-rare-card-exclusive set called, "Ages End." "Age's End" touches on some of the wonders of the game's past while offering exciting new game play. This includes a series of cards that allow players to experience the excitement of getting the fellowship together for the first time. Gameplay features of "Ages End" include a new Fellowship keyword which ties the original nine walkers together, exciting new conditions that pass among companions - giving each an advantage, the ability to re-live the dichotomy of Gollum and Sméagol, the return of the Watcher in the Water and his tentacles, Gríma and Saruman's magical boost to many different minions, and a gala of cards including: The Balrog, Legolas, Nazgûl, Sauron, Boromir, and Aragorn. All four of the fellowship Hobbits are also present, as is Rabbit Stew.

"Ages End" includes two special Troll cards with images created by Weta Workshop specifically for the trading card game. Warren Holland, Decipher's CEO said, "We are very proud of our players. 'Ages End' was designed to honor them with an appropriate ending to the game in celebration of the sacred place this property and game have in the hearts of fans. It has been our pleasure to create a game based upon this remarkable work of fiction and an amazing trio of films. The Weta Workshop images in 'Ages End' are images of Cave Trolls which never appeared in the films, but look like they jumped right off the screen."
Price:  $110.00   
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LOTR Ages End 6ct Display Box
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