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Catan: Settlers of Catan Portable Edition  (Currently Unavailable)

Contents: Product Description
Catanophiles rejoice! Now you can take Klaus Teuber's popular game of expansion and development out of the house and hit the road. Cleverly designed to be compact and self contained with playing pieces that peg securely into place and a game tray designed to hold all cards and accessories. It's perfect for Catanians on the move.For 3 - 4 players, ages 12 and up.Contents: 1 inset plastic game board, 19 hexagonal region tiles, 9 harbor pieces, 95 resource cards, 25 development cards, 4 building cost cards, 2 special cards, 20 plastic settlements (5 of each color), 16 plastic cities (4 of each color), 60 plastic roads (15 of each color), 1 plastic robber, game rules and almanac, and 2 dice.
From the Manufacturer
Now the renowned, best-selling Game of Year comes in a very cool, compact, portable edition. A solid, beautifully designed plastic game board, drop-in tiles, and plug-in roads and settlements enable you to enjoy The Settlers of Catan almost anytime or anywhere. This Portable Edition is perfect for friends or family on the move or away from home. The playing pieces peg securely into place. All the cards and accessories fit into the tray in the compact game box. So, whether you're hanging out at a school or a coffee shop, cruising on the road, riding the rails, outside in windy wilds, or simply stuck in a tight place, you and your friends can now enjoy The Settlers of Catan. Set up the game freely or randomly using colorful hexagon-shaped region tiles. Align the hole in each tile over the numbers in the plastic game board and drop the regions into place. Place your starting settlements and roads into the holes along the hex sides, get your cards and you're ready to play. Contains:1 Plastic Game Board, 19 Region Tiles, 9 Harbor Pieces, 95 Resource Cards, 25 Development Cards, 4 Building Cost Cards, 2 Special Cards, 20 Plastic Settlements, 16 Plastic Cities, 60 Plastic Roads, 1 Plastic Robber, 1 Game Rules, 1 Almanac, and 2 Dice.
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Catan: Settlers of Catan Portable Edition
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